why is this program important for our players?

  • cultural enrichment and life experience (exposure to new and challenging environments, meeting people from different backgrounds, etc.)
  • opportunities for higher education (exposure to quality high school and college programs is only gained through travel soccer which could open doors for scholarships to those schools)

why is this program important for soccer in the United States?

  • the pay-to-play model of travel soccer in the United States often excludes talented players from low-income families due to lack of financial stability and resources.
  • this exclusion, whether intentional or not, is hindering the growth and progression of soccer in the United States.
  • off the field, exposure to and enrichment from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds will help foster life experiences for all players through the sport of soccer.

what are some of the biggest issues youth soccer players from low-income families face?

  • lack of resources (transportation to and from practices and games, financial support, etc.)
  • lack of information (low-income families often struggle to gain access and knowledge regarding greater youth soccer opportunities)
  • language barrier (many immigrant families find it difficult to navigate the youth soccer landscape if they are not proficient in english)

who does Open Goal Project support?

  • currently Open Goal Project supports several youth soccer players from low-income families in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  
  • we hope to expand the program accordingly as our resources will allow.

where will my donation go?

  • travel costs (gas, meals, lodging, etc.)
  • equipment (cleats, shinguards, balls, jerseys, etc.)
  • additional training opportunities (ODP, camps, off-season training, etc.)

is my donation tax deductible?

  • yes, your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Open Goal Project is a fiscally sponsored project of DC SCORES, a registered non-profit organization.