college id camps

an elite soccer ID Camp, which provides high school players the chance to compete in front of college coaches for potential recruitment, costs hundreds of dollars to participate in. the cost barrier prevents talented lower-income soccer players from being given a chance to be discovered by college coaches. additionally, elite college ID camps are mostly held far outside of cities, inaccessible to public transportation, meaning players like the young men and women we work with have no way of actually physically getting to a camp to compete.

there was a community need for lower-income student athletes in Washington, DC to be given the same opportunity to access this kind of showcase as their peers from families with greater resources. That’s why in 2018, we launched our DC College ID program. offering a boys ID Camp day and a girls ID Camp day, completely free of charge and within walking distance of Metro stations, more than 100 of our student athletes were empowered to perform in front of coaches from local colleges like Howard University, Washington Adventist University, Prince George’s Community College, and Trinity Washington University for potential recruitment.

several of those players who were identified at our DC College ID program are now student athletes at one of the schools that attended the camp.