our story

AOG Recap-2.jpg

we created Open Goal Project after we noticed a lack of opportunity for talented youth soccer players from low-income families in Washington, D.C.

after working to integrate several players from low-income families into the DC travel soccer landscape as coaches, we began to understand the challenges and obstacles that were preventing these players, with such great potential, from participating in the first place.

realizing that these systemic issues were so widespread, we decided a program was necessary to affect a positive change for those youth players who have been overlooked, as well as the American soccer landscape as a whole.

we stand firm in our belief that with the proper resources, knowledge and support system, our players will be empowered to grow and reach their full potential with the game of soccer.

for our young men and women, we are confident that the best is yet to come and that that full potential will be realized, both on and off the field.

please join us on this mission: together, we can open goals.

- Amir and Simon